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Metal Frames in Production

  • eyeglass-hinges

    Felx Spring Hinges

    Spring hinges allow the temple part of the frame to move back and forth. It adds comfort and will protect your glasses from breaking. Through testing, each frame can be bended for over 20,000 times, assuring the frame's durability.

  • eyeglass-Electroplating


    Sum’s expert laser welding technology allows for clean and precise joins between various frame components, and laser welding has the particular benefit of being able to form very strong bonds between large and small parts.

  • eyeglass-Spray-Painting

    Spray Painting

    Spray painting allows us to bring lively colors into our frames. However paint is a pain in the butt when it starts falling off. Utilizing special spray painting techniques and the best paint possible for each frame, we promise colors on our spray-painted frames can last up to 2 years.

  • eyeglass-manufacturing-CNC-Machine


    Electroplating is the process of plating one metal over another. At Sum, the application of latest spot and seam welding technology helps to correct welding spot thus improve the overall performance of electroplating, creating a smooth and shiny frame surface.